What Does The Freedom App Do?

Freedom app allows you to block distracting websites and applications on your desktop PC or iMac but also blocks apps on iOS and Android devices.

There are lots of distraction blockers on the market right now, and every one of them claims to be the “best”.

So today we’re going to take a look at what Freedom can and can’t do.

And also why I’ve been a loyal customer for years.

Why you need a distraction blocker

As a species we have never had more distractions than right now – there’s always an app or device pinging or beeping away desperately trying to grab your attention.

Some of those distractions are pleasant (an email from a friend or family member), some are unpleasant (an email from an angry customer), and some are just incredibly, unbelievably pointless (your favourite mobile game is asking why you haven’t played today).

Now here’s something you probably hadn’t considered about distractions – you lose roughly 23 minutes of your day when you get distracted.

If you’re in work that’s 23 minutes where you basically have no idea what you were doing before being distracted.

If you’re at home, you’ll waste 23 minutes trying to remember what you were doing before whatever distraction got in the way of your day.

So, 3 distractions per day (lol!) x 23-minutes = 69 minutes of lost time. 

You know that feeling that there just aren’t enough hours in your day?

Now you understand why.

What Does The Freedom App Do?

The Freedom app is a productivity tool designed to help you eliminate digital distractions and focus on what you’re doing.

Put simply, it blocks out a predefined list of apps or websites on your computer or smartphone for a specific amount of time, known as a ‘Session”.

This can be as little as 2 minutes or as much as several hours – you can customize your session length to suit whatever you’re working on.

Multitasking is a myth

Because despite what you might think, you cannot watch YouTube and write a report at the same time. I don’t care how much baloney you’ve been fed about multi-tasking.

It’s all crap.

You’re either listening to or watching the YouTube video or you’re writing the report.

Trying to do both at the same time means you’ll take anywhere from 3x – 10x as long to complete that report you’ve been avoiding all day.

So, by blocking access to certain websites and apps, Freedom enables users to concentrate on their tasks without being interrupted by online distractions.


One of the best features of the app is its ability to create custom block lists tailored to your individual needs. This functionality allows users to block specific websites or apps that they find distracting, such as social media platforms or news sites.

Additionally, the Freedom app includes a built-in productivity timer, which records sessions and can be set either manually or on a pre-defined schedule.

This timer feature helps users build an effective work routine and track their progress.

Another notable aspect of the Freedom app is its cross-platform compatibility.

The app can be used on both desktop and mobile devices, making it easy to stay productive no matter where you are or what device you are using.

Even better, Freedom allows users to sync their settings and block lists across multiple devices, so you can block several devices at once.

Does the Freedom app really work?

Yes, the Freedom app really works to block apps and websites on both mobile and desktop/laptop devices.

It’s far more effective than any other distraction blocker I’ve used over the last decade or so.

But the app can only help you if you develop the habit of using it on a daily basis, and to activate it on both your laptop/desktop and smartphone at the same time.

Is the Freedom app free?

The Freedom app does not have a free or freemium version, but the company behind the app does offer an innovative 7-use trial, allowing you to run Freedom sessions 7 times before making up your mind to sign up.

This is a much better idea than the typical 7-day free trial because most of you (me included) will sign up for an x-days free trial…and then promptly forget that we signed up.

And by the time we remember either the free trial has expired, or worse we’re now being billed for a product or service we’ve never even taken for a test drive.

Is the Freedom app safe?

Yes, the Freedom app is completely safe to use on your mobile or desktop devices. It is also frequently updated to add new functionality, fix bugs and secure any potential security issues with the software.

I’ve never had a problem with Freedom causing issues on my desktop PC or my smartphone. In fact, it’s one of the only apps I can think of that’s never crashed on me.

Does the Freedom app block Instagram?

Yes, the Freedom app blocks Instagram and pretty much any other social media site or app you can think of.

Freedom also allows you to create a custom blocklist entry for any website or social site that’s not included on the default Freedom blocklist.

How much does a Freedom subscription cost?

A Freedom premium monthly subscription costs less than $9 per month, an annual subscription costs around $3.50 per month. A lifetime plan is also currently available for Freedom costing just under $100.

$100 for a lifetime of distraction free working is a steal as far as I’m concerned.

But if you’re still undecided then check out my full review of the Freedom app.

It covers all the other details I couldn’t cover here.

Or you can jump ahead and set yourself up with a Freedom account today.

Your call 🙂