The best external hard drive

There are dozens (hundreds?) of different external hard drives on the market.

How can you pick the one that’s best for you and without maxxing out your credit card?

Mozy Is Gone. Carbonite Is here. I’m Not Happy

I’ve used online file backup services for longer than I can remember – way before people called them “cloud backup services”. In fact, I’ve forgotten half of the backup services I’ve tried in the past. I even went as far as uploading my files to a secure FTP site because I couldn’t find any online … Read more

How To Backup Your Desktop or Laptop Like A Pro

Ever have two hard drives crash on you within 24 hours of each other, trashing 2 years of work? Yeah I have, which is why I’m a big, big fan of keeping backups of my files. This blog post shows you what options are available to you.