Freedom Focus App Review

Willpower isn’t enough to stop you wasting time on Facebook, otherwise you wouldn’t be looking for a focus app like Freedom.

How Safe Is A Free VPN?

There are dozens of free VPNs out there, so why pay for one? You should definitely avoid using them though unless you enjoy other people selling your personal data.

Can You Download Microsoft Office, Free?

The really short answer to this question is “No, you can’t”. And you shouldn’t try. But in this blog post we look at people’s perceptions vs. reality in terms of how expensive they think an office suite is.

A Beginners Guide To Virtual Private Networks

What is a VPN? VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. So, that all sounds very technical, but it’s not really. Basically, a VPN allows you to send and receive data safely over the public Internet. The public Internet is your home connection, as provided by your Internet service provider. Another example is public Wi-Fi hotspots. … Read more