The Benefits of Using Freedom – What You Need To Know

The obvious reason for owning a distraction blocking app is well…blocking distractions. But using Freedom has a lot more benefits than just being able to block apps and programs that keep getting in your way. And those benefits probably go a lot deeper than you might have suspected. Better Mental Health When people talk about … Read more

What Does The Freedom App Do?

man holding hourglass

Freedom app allows you to block distracting websites and applications on your desktop PC or iMac but also blocks apps on iOS and Android devices. There are lots of distraction blockers on the market right now, and every one of them claims to be the “best”. So today we’re going to take a look at … Read more

How To Get Rid Of The Coffee Jitters

the coffee jitters

Life just wouldn’t be the same without delicious coffee. But what happens when you find yourself in the middle of a coffee buzz and unable to work? Here’s a few tips to help you deal with the coffee jitters.

The Biggest Lie About Working From Home

Anyone who’s ever been trapped in a cubicle farm has probably spent most of their day dreaming about working from home. And while working from a home office does have a lot of perks, a lot of what you hear about it is actually based on one single huge lie.