Essential Security Tips for Remote Workers

The ongoing pandemic has forced thousands of companies to close their physical offices and adapt to a digital workspace. True enough, it is being reported that the number of employees working remotely is set to double this year. This is something that experts had predicted would happen by 2025…but the pandemic accelerated the process. Of … Read more

The Biggest Lie About Working From Home

Anyone who’s ever been trapped in a cubicle farm has probably spent most of their day dreaming about working from home. And while working from a home office does have a lot of perks, a lot of what you hear about it is actually based on one single huge lie.

Should You Add Plants To Your Home Office?

No plants in your office? Probably because you’ve never stopped to think about the physical and mental health benefits of having at least one potted plant in your home office. This blog post digs into this in more detail.

Escaping The Rat Race…At Any Cost?

Warning: This is a rant. The idea of working for yourself is an easy one to sell. That’s why so many gurus can become overnight millionaires, but the people who buy their courses stay broke AF. Forever. The problem is that as you’re sitting there reading this at your desk or cubicle…you still want out … Read more