How to choose the right sized desk for your home office

Choosing the right size desk for your home office is important. After all, you not only need it to fit inside your home, but it also has to provide enough space to work comfortably. You also need to factor in the different types of desks available on the market right now. Choosing a desk that’s … Read more

What Materials Are Desks Made Out Of?

Modern desks are made from a wide variety of material such as wood, plastic, metal and even tempered glass. The materials used in the manufacture of a desk often determine its design, much like other furniture. Where the desks will be place is also a factor, as they might be required to blend in with … Read more

What Are the Different Types of Desks?

Your desk is where you’re going to spend most of your working day, be that in a formal office setting or working remotely. But not all desks are created equal. And then you have to factor in people’s individual working styles and preferences. Desks come in kinds of different shapes and sizes, and there are … Read more

A brief history of the desk

The word desk comes from the 14th century Latin word, desca, which means a “table to write on”. Although people already used writing tables of some kind, the first desk wasn’t invented until the late 1600s. They resembled a chest of drawers, but the top was a sloped area that could roll down and expose … Read more