And here we have the obligatory ‘About Us’ page, where you get some long-winded mission statement type thing that sounds clever but doesn’t actually mean anything. So let’s not do that, eh?

The first thing you might be wondering is why the site is called “Boxroom Office”. Well, that’s because in Ireland and the UK we call our spare bedroms “box rooms”, because they tend to be about the size of a very large box. Kidding. They’re the smallest rooms in the house, and usually kept to one side to use as a guest bedroom, but invariably they wind up filled with kid’s toys, spare clothes, a broken lawnmower, your parnter’s “spare” shoes, and everything else you want to hide from visitors to convince them your home is actually tidy and not in a state of chaos flux, where the entire thing might devour itself at any moment.

But I digress. So the name “Boxroom Office” just sounded a whole lot snappier than “SparebedroomOffice” or something like that. I always try to choose a domain name based on how it might look on a business card, and combined with the fact the domain was actually available, I thought “That’ll do pig, that’ll do.”

What do I do for a living? Right now I’m a freelance copywriter and search engine marketer, with a side focus on writing novels and publishing them on the Amazon Kindle platform. Am I famous? Hell no, and I don’t want to be. I’d much rather me what self-published authors call a “mid-lister” who is quite happily making a full-time income from writing but without any of the complications of becoming even remotely famous. It’s the same approach I used to take in my day jobs i.e. you can keep your title of Senior Vice Deputy Manager and just show me the money instead. Titles and credentials don’t pay bills, folks. Money does.

Basically, I’ve always enjoyed writing, and this blog gives me a chance to do that without having to focus on why I’m doing it. Instead, I just get to share the different tips I’ve picked up over the years and how you can make working from home a lot easier on yourself.