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Why Coworking Spaces Are Here To Stay

Wait…this site is all about home offices. So why would I even suggest that you shouldn’t work at home but at a coworking space instead? Tranquilo, dear readers. Tranquilo. There’s an easy answer to the above – mental health. You see, working from home is something most first-time home business owners/the self-employer view through a… Read More »

The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Home Office Computer

Almost anyone working from home will need a computer of some kind for their business, even if it’s just for doing their taxes and answering emails. Where most small business owners get confused is choosing a home office computer with the right specs. After all there’s so many different types of computers out there, how… Read More »

How To Create The Perfect Home Office Setup

…more or less. How do you create the perfect or best home office setup? You don’t. Because there’s no such thing as the “perfect office”. No more than there’s a perfect car, horse, house, or hairstyle for somebody – it’s more about what suits you best for your current circumstances. I’ve worked from home on… Read More »